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  Did you know?

The P2 & P3 health care masks are used to protect hospital staff from infection in Europe. The N95 mask is used in North America.



Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
Medical Masks > Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Bouffant Cap Bouffant Cap

Kimberly Clark disposables for hair coverage.
Single layer fabric.

Box of 100. 

Price:   £38.95 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)


Surgical Scrub Surgical Scrub
Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4% w/v skin cleanser.

Price:   £8.95 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)


Safety Glasses (Clear) Safety Glasses (Clear)
Can be worn over prescription spectacles.
Integrated side shields with upper and lateral protection.
CE Marked. Approval: EN 166.
Not suitable for high speed particles (e.g. cartridge tools), laser beams, temperatures above 55c, stray light arcs, fusion metals, infectious substances or organisms. 

Price:   £6.99 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)


3M™ 1880 Protective Eyewear 3M™ 1880 Protective Eyewear
The 1880 Protective Eyewear has been designed with the following key feartures to help protect health care workers:

Anti-fog and anti-relective coating for better visual clarity, and is panoramic to provide a large field of vision.

The length of the side arms can be adjusted and are shaped anatomically to ensure that they adapt comfortably to facial contours.

The 3M 1880 Protective Eyewear WILL NOT PROTECT against nuclear radiation, X-rays, laser beams, and low temperature infra-red (IR) radiation, emitted by low temperature sources.

3M 1880.pdf

Price:   £20.97 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)


Martcare Goggles (328 Indirect vent) Martcare Goggles (328 Indirect vent)
A compact and lightweight square goggle, giving larger internal volume. Protects against liquid, dust and molten metal. Integral ventilation ports.

Product Specification: Conforms to BS EN 166.1-B.3.4.9 

Price:   £10.99 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)


Anti Mist Goggles Anti Mist Goggles
Anti-mist safety goggle, curved polycarbonate lens, scratch resistant and has indirect vents.

Product Specification: Conforms to EN166 - ANSI 287.1 

Price:   £14.95 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)


Uvex Ultra Vision Goggle Uvex Ultra Vision Goggle
The ultimate comfort in full protection goggles. Polycarbonate lens, scratch resistant on the outside and mist/fog free inside. Fits comfortably over prescription spectacles.

Product Specification: Conforms to EN 166 IB 349KN 

Price:   £46.50 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)


Medical Masks > Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)



  Avian Flu/SARS/MRSA

Select from the P2, P3 or N95 health care respirators.